Hands On Science Help From Discovery Place

*Disclosure: I was invited with a group of other bloggers to spend the day at The Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC, free of charge along with a free pass to their exhibit Mummies of the World
Floating Balls

How Does It Do That?

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC.  I remember school trips to The Discovery Place with fond memories.  The place was always so freakin’ cool!  (This was way before they got their IMAX theater, by the way, so that should tell how cool they were before they were awesomely cool.)  My oldest daughter had a few field trips there while in public school, as well.  This place is a field trip mecca for a very good reason.

Girl with Goggles

Goggles are Cool

One thing they have added since I was last there – we moved away five years ago – is a whole room, just for the youngest kids, for discovering science hands-on!  We must have spent over an hour in this room alone.  The 3 and 5 year olds LOVED this room.  It’s closed off, with only one way in for the public – which meant my anxiety of being in a BIG city with my kids a little less of an issue.

Pictures with Lights

Creating with Lights

There was a water area, an area with forced air, an area to explore gravity with ramps and spirals, lights and pegs and even goggles to put on!  And this was just the first room we visited.

Sitting in Protest

Protest Time!

On the way out into the rest of the first floor you get to see rocks and sea shells up close, with microscopes hooked up to monitors that let you focus and get really close up to look for fossils.  You are able to learn about the ocean, with fish tanks full of just about any small sea animal you could imagine.  They had rays, “Dori” and “Nemo” fish, lizards, small sharks and sea worms.  Warning, though, if you have young kids, this is about the point where they start to wear out and need to sit to the side and grab a snack before they have a breakdown. 🙂


Mummies are Cool

Now, if you have older kids, the second floor is where you want to be.  They have an area for building projects and an area, this one I loved, where kids can take crates of trash to tables and create things with the reused materials.

Also on the second floor, for the whole family, is the Mummies of the World exhibit.  This place was super cool!  But that is a blog post for another time.

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