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Wordless Wednesday – For Music Class

Gift of a new guitar Continue reading

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Musical Kids in the Electronics Age

When we lived in Charlotte and my daughter was young, we had a lady down the street who watched our oldest afterschool. She had five kids and homeschooled them. Our oldest loved this family, and so did I. Her kids took music lessons as part of their curriculum, and they were happy to share their knowledge with my daughter. Continue reading

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Learning Disorders

Our five year old has been showing signs of having ADHD, like her big sister. So now I’m debating with myself over taking her to a psychiatrist and getting her diagnosed and on a meds schedule. Continue reading

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Mummies Are Cool

The girls did ask some good questions while we were there. Especially when we saw some of the items found in the graves with the mummies. They were interested in what they ate while they were alive and where they lived (the exhibit had artifacts from South America, Egypt, Asia and parts of Europe). Continue reading

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