Mummies Are Cool

**Disclosure: We were invited to view the Mummies of the World exhibit free by Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC.
Mummies of the World

Mummies of the World

Baby Mummy

South American Mummified Baby

As part of our day at Discovery Place, we were invited to view their Mummies of the World exhibition.  I have been a huge fan of Egyptian history, and it’s mummies, since I was a kid.  My own kids, however, are all “meh.”  I showed them documentaries on mummies.  They didn’t pay a lot of attention – ok, so it may have been above their age grouping.  I’ve shown them documentaries on Egypt.  They liked the sand.  *sigh*  Just goes to show, you can’t always get your kids involved in the things you love, because they are their own little people with their own set of interests.

Monkey Mummified

Mummified South American Monkey

They did find the mummified animals fascinating.  Not sure what that says about my kids…or me lol  We stood around the monkey for a while – it was one of my favorites – but they moved on to the dogs and cats before I was ready to leave the monkey (good thing my husband came with us, cause I could linger and take photos).  Keep in mind, I had a media pass for taking the photos.  Under normal circumstances, no photography is allowed.  And they have staff wandering the exhibit and they WILL approach you if you take a photo. I only took one photo per shot, to minimize damage by my flash.

Family with Mummy

Teaching Moments Are Awesome

The girls did ask some good questions while we were there.  Especially when we saw some of the items found in the graves with the mummies.  They were interested in what they ate while they were alive and where they lived (the exhibit had artifacts from South America, Egypt, Asia and parts of Europe).

They also were way more interested in my mummy documentary after the exhibit.  Sometimes teaching isn’t linear.  Homeschooling allows us the flexibility of going with the flow and teaching in a manner that is best for THEM.  Instead of getting a black mark for not paying attention to the lesson before the exhibit, we could revisit the lesson afterwards, when they understood a little better about subject.

Thank you very much, Discovery Place, for inviting us up for the day.  We had a wonderful time and would love to visit more often.

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