Got Worksheets?


Worksheets for handwriting can be awesome tools

I love cheap or no-cost curriculum (I think I’ve told you before I’m a cheapskate, right?).  The only problem being that you have to supplement (and find said supplements) on your own.  This year we decided for a little more help and went with Oak Meadow‘s 1st Grade curriculum package.  The teacher’s guide is a spiral book with weekly lesson plans – very loose lesson plans.  And I like the way they let you decide how to teach, not to just read from books and learn what the books tell you.

But what do you do, when your voice gets hoarse from constantly talking?  Or what if you are sick and just aren’t feeling up to an indepth lesson in a given subject?  Or what if the kids can use just a little bit of help with something?  That is when you bring up your search engine and look for worksheets.

webpage screen shot

They have worksheets galore!

So I have been on the lookout for great sites, and have a huge list of sites to go through and tell you about in the coming year.  But the first site I found sucked me in as badly as Pinterest does (I think I spent three hours on the site yesterday!!!).  They have worksheets and arts and craft ideas for Preschool through High School.  The site is  You have to sign up for an account, which means giving out your email address (or through your Facebook account), but all of the individual materials are free.  You can organize the sheets by topic – I have Math, Science, Language Arts and Arts and Crafts so far.  They also sell workbooks, if you don’t have the time to peruse the site for individual sheets.

Girls working

Happily working together

This is working out great today for us.  While I work with the 6yo, the 4yo has her Preschool worksheets for the alphabet to colour.  I also downloaded some colour pages which aren’t educational in nature for her to have quiet time while we work.

I am going to keep looking through my list and I will try to post at least once a week about a great new site for freebies to help us with our homeschooling.  Do you have any favorite sites you’d like me to review, or subjects you need to supplement with worksheets and other information?  If so, please leave me a comment below!

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