Today We Vote

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Voting is THAT way

I’ve seen a lot of posts and tweets and blogs about how families homeschool during an election year.  We homeschool younger kids so have kept to the basic facts regarding the election.  I’m excited for them to be old enough to have real discussions about the meat and potatoes of issues and have them think about their own positions in the future (the way we do with the oldest now).    We skimmed over local elections here and focused mainly on the Presidential race this month.

I’ve seen some who print out maps of the USA and then colour in the states red or blue as results come in.  I love this idea, though I think results will be coming in way too late for them to do this in real time (though I am willing to give it a try).  We are loving the page of information for teachers from, which not only has a map to colour in, but has lesson plans and history lessons and vocabulary.

Easy facts for the younger set – remember, mine are only 6 and 4 – can be who is running for President and some simple facts about each candidate.  Our kids know President Obama is the first black President and is also the first black President running for re-election.  They know some people don’t like him and don’t believe was born in the US.  They know Mitt Romney is the first Mormon candidate running for President and that he was Governor of Massachusetts for one term.  They know some people don’t like him and think that because he is rich and came from a rich family that he cannot understand people who do not have a lot of money.  We have gone over “Obamacare” and how many of the principles came from Mitt Romney’s ideas while he was Governor.

We try to be fair to each candidate.  If we say something negative about one candidate, we try to balance it out with something be said negatively about the other client.  We do the same for positive statements.  But, most importantly, we stress the importance of getting out every year and VOTING.  Even if we are not electing a President it is important to make your voice heard.  As a suffragette once said, it is not a true Republic unless ALL of the voices of the people are heard.



Have you voted yet?

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