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Early Learning on the go

My two youngest girls use the iPad DAILY.  They watch instructional videos on Minecraft, they watch videos of people playing Minecraft, and they watch Netflix and Hulu Plus like most kids their ages.  They also pull up the Kindle app and read books, as well as the plethora of educational apps for homeschool.


I have a page for apps on this site, but what are some of YOUR favorite apps for kids?  Educational, or otherwise?

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2 Responses to Kids and Tech

  1. We also use it daily. Best homeschool investment I ever made. Youngest uses Edukitty, we like Teachme, Spelling City, We have a jigsaw puzzle app. We have a Bible App and a Kids Bible app, Oldest uses it to go on to Loom Love and Made by Mommy for rainbow loom instruction. I also just downloaded one of the ABC apps you recommended under your app tab.


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