Children and Choices

I just read an article on Huffington Post about Yulia Volkova, former member of the Russian girl band t.A.T.u, saying she would condemn her son if he came out as a gay, but she would be ok with her daughter being lesbian.  This floored me.

Why would one be more acceptable than the other?  Apparently, she believes it looks better to see two women holding hands and kisses than two men. “A man must be a man,” she is quoted as saying.  Men must procreate.  Ummm, ok, but if that is your reasoning, they need a woman to procreate with, right?  Choose one side or the other, but please get off the fence!  Relationship choices isn’t about what looks pretty, it is about who you love, who you are attracted to, not what will look better in a picture.

Our children need to feel supported, they need to know they are loved.  This is the only way they can grow healthy and happy.  It’s like telling your kid who wants to be a cowboy that you will disown him unless he becomes a doctor.  If your child can make a living and support himself/herself by being a cowboy/girl, then why wouldn’t you be happy that they found a career that makes them happy???

I have always told my daughters that I will love and support them in all of their decisions.  All I have are girls, but if I had a boy I would tell him the same thing.  I think seeing two people in love holding hands and kissing is the best thing.  We need more lovebirds in this world!


So, Yulia, this is my response to you:  Love your children and their choices.  Be their mother and support them in whom they love, male or female, boy or girl.  BE THEIR MOTHER.

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