Shed Happens: A Shark Rotator Review

Geeking out over new vacuum

Geeking out over new vacuum


I love animals.  I also help local rescue groups with transport and fostering.  I also own dogs with goals to cover everything with their cast off dog hair.  I kid you not.  My husband has one of those glue paper rolls at work to take off the dog hair when he gets in the office.  My reusable grocery bags elicit the comment, “So, dogs or cats?” from farmers market people. (Answer is, both…and rabbits, too.)  I have to sweep no less than every other day or my hallways and doorways look like they haven’t been touched in months.  Sweeping is a pain, but I hate the hair more.

What do you mean I shed??

What do you mean I shed??

Back a few months ago I attended a conference for bloggers, and the people from Shark were there.  They were launching a new vacuum and had it on display.  I own one of their steam mops and love it to death.  But I have had vacuum cleaners for my dog hair and have had very few good, long lasting results.  They will run great for a week or two and then their motors get overwhelmed and they are no good in about three to six months.

So I mentioned my disbelief to the ladies at the conference.  They were ready for this.  They had BAGS of hair.  They dumped one on the show floor and let me wield the machine myself.  The vacuum was light and the vacuum head swiveled, so you could move it around easily – and it went under the couch they had set up in their booth.  I was sold.  After stopping by their booth a few times and talking to them at length I told them I was buying one at the end of that month, when they were released to the public.

A week later one of their representatives contacted me and asked if I would like to receive one for free, try it out, and then blog to you nice people about what I discovered.  Our home is 2200 square feet.  The only carpet in the house is in our walk in closet, the rest is vinyl (bathrooms) and hardwood floors.  I was so excited they chose me to help get the word out on this vacuum.

The Shark Rotator comes with a hardwood floor attachment, with a reusable cloth to pick up all the little dust and hairs the vacuum misses, so I was covered for the whole house!  And let me tell you, that attachment has become my best friend!  It also has a wand attachment for the couch – it is magic!  I can vacuum all of the public spaces in the house in about fifteen minutes now.  And I have been running this for about two months, and the Rotator is still going as strong as day one.  AND I have yet to get a tangle of hair in the rollers!

Let me reiterate something here.  I was prepared to purchase this vacuum on my own.  If the company wrote me tomorrow and told me they were thankful for the review and could I return the vacuum, I would cry before sending it back – and then promptly go out and buy one of my own.  THAT is how much I love this vacuum.  It makes cleaning up around the rabbit cages so much easier.  The wands detach easily and the attachments go on and come off easily.  This is seriously one of the easiest to use vacuums I have ever had.  You can even detach the canister from the vacuum body and carry it around and up and down stairs.  And the lift away lets you vacuum fit under the couch and chairs, so you don’t have to move them around!

I would recommend this vacuum to all of friends and family.  My animals….probably wouldn’t.  They would all prefer I go back to the broom and dust pan.  And let them battle to the last man standing with the vacuum.

Bilbo is not as big a fan of the vacuum as I am.

Bilbo is not as big a fan of the vacuum as I am.

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