This year I have done a lot traveling. We went to Hood River, Oregon this spring. It was beautiful. Our hotel room looked out right onto the river, complete with a family of geese that came by every day. 


This summer saw us in San Francisco. This city by the bay has so much history! Plus, we were there the week the ruling came down from the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage for the entire country – which just happened to fall on the same week as their gay pride parade!


But, by far, my favorite place was Alcatraz. 


We learned the island was first a fort during the civil war, then a penitentiary. Then we learned about the Indian occupation during the 70s. It was all so fascinating!


Then, just last month, was a visit to Mrytle Beach. We all got extremely sunburned – even after being lathered in sunscreen – but we had so much fun in the surf! 


So what kind of traveling have you done this year? What fascinating things did you learn about the place?

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