Who Are the Geeks of Geeks and Lollipops?


Melinda is a WaHM (Work at Home Mom), a virtual assistant who does any admin duty needed, specializing in website administration and bookkeeping, and does everything walking backwards and in high heels – not!  She loves to garden, read, do a little writing of her own, can and preserve food, knitting, doing needle point and almost loves taking care of all the pets in the family.


Rogan is the Director of IT/SCLENDS and manager of the Rock Hill library.  Yes, he is a librarian!  No, he does not wear sweater vests…often.  He writes his own blog at Daddy’s Dice.  Rogan loves reading, woodworking, rewiring electrical crap in our house – or at least thinks that is better than redoing the plumbing – and fiddling with electronics.  Oh, and gaming.  He laments he is so good at DMing, he hardly ever gets to play.  (Ask him about his dice collection, I dare you!)

The Children:

The Teenager:  The teenager is actually in her 20s now (where the heck did all that time go???) and has ADHD.  She loves playing the guitar and is feeling her way in life.  She is also a pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish), who sometimes also consumes chicken when the force isn’t so strong with her.

The Middle Child:  The 9yo has ADHD and SPD.  She loves my iPad.  She loves Mythbusters – especially if she is watching it with daddy, otherwise she watches it on Netflix on my iPad.  She loves animals of all kinds and wants an book with all the animals in it for her birthday.  I’m thinking future veterinarian.

The Baby:  The 7yo also has ADHD and SPD.  She also loves my iPad.  She fights over it with the middle child, when the other iPad runs out of battery life .  This one is devious in sneaking into dangerous situations like jumping from the couch to the recliner – and running her tricycle into the fence at full speed. The force is strong with this one and you have to watch her closely.  I think she may grow up to be a stunt woman. Or an ER doctor…

The Pets:

Cronan, the oldest of the dogs, was Rogan’s first Valentine Day’s present from Melinda (so he got naming rights).  Onyxia, the “dragon dog” named after the dragon in World of Warcraft (Melinda’s doing), was purchased at the shelter a few years later.  Nymphadora was adopted from a rescue Melinda works with and was a “foster failure” for the family.  Daisy is also a foster failure.  She is 12+ years old and was rescued from a local shelter matted so badly they couldn’t tell which end was the head.  She has one of the worst heart murmurs the vet has seen in a while, so she will be on heart medication for the rest of her short life span.  She is also deaf.  She had an eye infection so bad her eyes were shrinking in the sockets and causing pain, so we had those removed.  She rambles happily around the house and the yard, not letting her disabilities slow her down.  Fenris is the only cat, he was procured from a friend who found him under a neighbor’s car at just a few months old.  He was in rough shape, but she nursed him back to health.  After less than a year, he is now over 10 lbs and loves people and other pets.



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