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Gamer Girls and Local Game Stores

There was a report done a few years back that said over 60% of Americans are gamers of some kind (Monopoly and Sorry are games and do count). Of this percentage, over 50% were women.  But you wouldn’t know that … Continue reading

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Cooking Tip – Creamy Soups

The key to making a nice silky, creamy soup is to use creme fraiche as a topping to be stirred into the finished soup. Why?  It doesn’t curdle when boiled, unlike most creams and sour cream.  It has a light, refined … Continue reading

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This year I have done a lot traveling. We went to Hood River, Oregon this spring. It was beautiful. Our hotel room looked out right onto the river, complete with a family of geese that came by every day.     … Continue reading

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Black History Month Lesson

She said it was a lot to think about and she needed time to process before she could share her thoughts on our experience. But one things she said stood out to me. “Mom, I don’t understand why people hate someone because the colour of their skin. It doesn’t make sense. People are people.” Continue reading

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Shed Happens: A Shark Rotator Review

Let me reiterate something here. I was prepared to purchase this vacuum on my own. If the company wrote me and told me they were thankful for the review and could I return the vacuum, I would cry before sending it back – and then promptly go out and buy one of my own. THAT is how much I love this vacuum. Continue reading

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Children and Choices

So, Yulia, this is my response to you: Love your children and their choices. Be their mother and support them in whom they love, male or female, boy or girl. BE THEIR MOTHER. Continue reading

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Kids and Tech

I have a page for apps on this site, but what are some of YOUR favorite apps for kids? Educational, or otherwise? Continue reading

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